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Eclipsed Aug 2017

The timing of celestial events,
like solar eclipses, are perfect
examples of the vast amount of
knowledge humans have stored
and, when the time comes,
How small we really are.

Twisting Traditions

Feb 2019

Traditional mediums can fall out 
of light and, may need some 
creative twisting to shine again.  
Mixing methods can bring new 
creations but, there will always 
be an ebb and flow.

eyespy 18x24.jpg

Eye Spy

Jul 2016

Perspectives can be easily changed. By a single phrase or, action. Some pathways will cross, and sparks ignite. But most will be left observered
at a safe distance.


Aug 2017

Impactful loses can harshly alter lives. It's difficult not to dwell in the darkness. Don't be consumed by lose, harness it. Allow it to swell into new growth and, bring beauty back into the world.

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Dormant Growth

Nov 2018

Growing comes with hardship. The difficulty can sometimes take the luster out of it.  It is  important to step back and admire the beauty that hard work has created.

Consumed by Cuteness

Sept 2016

Consume, buy, purchase, acquire, reward, admire, adore, wither, and fade. Never stopping to see the nature behind it.

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Win Big

Feb 2017

Untold riches await you just around the corner.  Put it all on the line to Win Big!

Cluttered Cranium

Jun 2017

Worlds framed by edges of a page, offer plentiful perspectives.  Bubbling on the surface of a life cycle. 

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